Years ago, when I was traveling the continent (of North America) as a staging supervisor and event producer,  I started to photograph the distant locales and their surrounding landscape.  In the ensuing years of being taught better technique from the sister, a professional photographer, a collection of images has grown out of the former hobby,  to encompass several subjects and re-occurring and evolving themes.

Sporadically, this section of the site will reflect recently added images to the library of images I maintain, which (as of June 2016) is over one hundred and ninety  thousand images.


Latest Photos

  1. 1.TamTam Montreal ;
    The site for TamTam images and “Music by the Gazebo” images

  2. 2.Recent additions and sessions :
    (A mashup from the most recent sessions)

  3. 3.Revue 2016 :
    A look back to 2015

  4. 4.Revue 2015 :
    A look back to 2015

Photography and Me