PostCipice: Event Staging


With all the details involved in event planning, our experienced staff can alleviate the worries and concerns related to arranging great event staging.

PostCipice event staging services include:

- full production of events (turnkey): one stop event staging reduces planning complexities.

- staffing:

- experienced staff resolves, manages technical items during event.

- resolves technical issues pre and post event

- audio recording, digital and uncompressed: archival (96KHz) and very high quality (48KHz), reusable and compressible for current and future projects.

- visual elements and presentations, management, re-arrangement, sorting, small edits and fixes

- [On-site, Performing, Management; of] Presentation fixes and edits

- eases the stress of modification management on speakers, presenters, organizers.

- fully managed presentation changeovers, with no presenter management requirements, one less item to worry about, smoother looking events and presentations

Event Staging

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