PostCipice: Custom DVD authoring


DVD technology offers the ability to easily distribute high quality material in a convenient format.

With the eminent widespread distribution of High Definition DVD (HD DVD) and associated players, PostCipice is ready and able to author titles today.  And with niche uses of DVD that require ever improving picture and sound quality for the best possible impact (like show booth displays and event visuals), PostCipice is ready to help you harness the particular advantages HD DVD can bring to your project and campaign.

PostCipice DVD authoring and creation services include:

- totally custom navigation: breaking out of the standard transitions and layouts, the vast possibilities available through fully custom elements becomes accessible.

- fully customized menues; means that the full gamut of options, in terms of static menu colors and detail, or the wide choices of motion menues, are accessible.  Closely matching your branding and corporate identity is practical and creates a DVD experience that is consistent with other existing audio-visual media (existing promotional materials, web presence, corporate literature, adverts)

- completely custom interstices, bumpers and transitions; makes the initial visual impact of motion available to static menues, marrying motion and visual quality, and full colour within a DVD navigation.

- very high quality compression, including progressive, anamorphic (letterbox) and 24fps; because the last step in the process of creating the DVD should not lower the production values of the project at the latter stages.  30 (or 24) frames per second, progressive anamorphic visuals will stay as such (native, that way?) all the way onto the final DVD, preserving maximum quality and avoiding interlace fields.

- High definition DVD (720p, 1080p, 1080i);  HD DVD projects can be assembled now, with samples available for demonstration.  Of course, all the standard definition (SD) DVD navigational options are available for high definition (HD) projects.  (Ideal for show booths, demonstrations, . . .)


Legacy Service: Fully Customized DVD Authoring

We can be reached at

Examples of fully custom interstice for menu navigation.  Both examples from same project.

Legacy Service: 35mm Film Scanning

Scanning 35mm film with a dedicated film scanner gets the most quality from film, including very good density, dynamic range, and reduced [low level] noise [with multi sampling].

PostCipice 35mm film scanning services include:

  1. -multi-sampling, to reduce noise [in the darker areas]

  2. -automated dust reduction, reducing spoting and image editing [to remouve dust and dirt from scans]

  3. -automated film strip feeder [at six frames per strip] reduces the handling of your precious original