PostCipice: Video Editing


During an video shoot, much is said and done.  Among the overall raw footage of recorded media, many good points can be made more effectively when well edited.  Editing down the footage to the most effective segments creates the best version and vision of the intended message.

PostCipice video editing services include:

  1. -Full HD editing station, with ample storage for full length projects, including fast backup and/or archival, to [transportable] hard drive(s)

  2. -complete visual element creation, modification; the years of experience creating and modifying visual elements are part and parcel of our complete editing service.

  3. -DVCAM and miniDV format in-house; a dedicated DVCAM/ miniDV deck means mastering on DVCAM is accessible for archival/ mastering needs

- on-location editing; when leaving the normal work environment is not practical, one of the main advantages of an in-house editing service becomes accessible with our on-location editing.

A core company service: Video editing

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