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Link to the current and prior year catalogues are  shown below.
Music at the Gazebo has it’s own catalogue.

The [web] locale for the Mont Royal TamTam and Music at the Gazebo images

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Mount Royal TamTam
Music at the Gazebo image catalogues.

  1. 1.Mount Royal Montreal 2017
    The current season, both MATG and TamTam

  2. 2.Mount Royal Montreal 2016
    The 2016 season catalogue

  3. 3.Mount Royal Montreal 2015
    The 2015 season catalogue

  4. 4.TamTam Montreal 2014
    The 2014 season catalogue

  5. 5.Music at the Gazebo 2014
    The 2014 season catalogue

  6. 6.Music at the Gazebo 2014: Aerial
    The remote camera video, 2014

  7. 7.TamTam and MATG, Montreal 2013
    The 2013 season catalogue

  8. 8.TamTam and MATG, Montreal 2012
    The 2012 season catalogue

  9. 9.TamTam Montreal 2011
    The 2011 season catalogue

2016 being the tenth year, I have been attending the Montreal TamTam as an un-official photographer of the people/ participants of this world renowned drum circle.

The recent years have seen me hand back prints, to re-occurring participants, of images I have captured of them in prior weeks/ sessions.

By now, several participants have multiple images of their participation in the Montreal TamTam and Music at the Gazebo.


  1. -some images are very ‘experimental’

  2. -the basic guideline is that I never crop:  all catalogue images are the full frame.

  3. -no staging or direction

TamTam Catalogues

When practical, prior years will be added.

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